About us

LIVE VLONE, DIE VLONE. Our company is devoted to making the moments in between truly meaningful. VLONE stands independently, separate from any individual or entity.

VLONE was never about one individual. We are the stamp for creatives who stand tall, thriving on individuality, caring less about rules & regulations that have long governed the fashion style of society. Create your own rules, set your own trend, embed your own morale in which you can express yourself creatively without limitations.

F. SO Hunter

At the forefront of fashion and lifestyle for over a decade, VLONE consistently challenges prevailing trends, refusing to conform to the actions of others. We are a beacon of independence in a world dominated by multinational conglomerates, yet this doesn't hinder us from shaping the culture with each exclusive release.
Originating in Harlem in 2010, VLONE emerged from a vision discussed among friends, ultimately becoming a reality through decisive action. VLONE played a pivotal role in nurturing a burgeoning arts scene in the area, sparking discussions that would significantly impact the trajectory of music and fashion in New York City and beyond throughout the following decade.
Entering a new era, VLONE will welcome distinctive creatives who defy conventions and inspire those eager to join us in constructing our fashion house, one brick at a time.